Eliazar T. Rose known to literally thousands of Leprosy patients and thousands of Tribal women in India’s western State of Odisha as simply ‘Rose’.

Rose, was featured in India’s most prestigious fortnightly magazine INDIA TODAY as an ‘Angel of Change’ with
8 other prominent Indian social workers in 1996. He was called a ‘HELPING HAND’.

New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust, founded in 1985 has grown in all ways. It however remains an organization that keeps an open door policy to the poorest and those in great need; aged leprosy affected women, children found begging, Tribal women, disabled children and now Hospices for children with AIDS. .
‘Friends of New Hope’ groups have sprung up across the world as people realise that this is a low key, no administrative frills people to people Non Government Organization working at grassroots level.

Woven into the story of New Hope is a cyclone. The super cyclone truck coastal Orissa on October 30th 1999. New Hope and Hoina – the two organisations he founded and heads, is on the other side of Orissa. On the 6th of November, as roads started to open, floodwaters receded, Rose and his NEW HOPE – teams were distributing food to more than 3.000 people a day when the roads opened. This went on for a week. At the same time they fed and gave ‘tents’ in every Leprosy colony in the devastated area.

Eliazar was awarded the Gandhi Memorial Leprosy Foundation prestigious Prabhakarji Award in 2,000, in recognition of his work with not just leprosy patents but with disabled and challenged children and development of self help groups of Kondh Dongria Tribal women
There is no doubt that his leadership in New Hope that ensured more than 2,250 positive leprosy patients received a new multi drug regime that truly cured leprosy. This incredibly well supervised project covered 23 leprosy colonies in Bolangir and Sambalpur Districts.
New Hope saw that the most concentrated number of untreated positive cases were coming from Muniguda area started the establishment of New Hope Community Centre there.
The Government of Orissa gave them the first approved MDT treatment scheme ever awareded to a Non Government Organisation.

He has post receiving the prestigious Prabhakarji Award been asked to join the Board of Gandhi Memorial Leprosy Foundation.

Eliazar T Rose
Planting a tree with the Vice President of India at Gandhi Memorial Leprosy Foundation, Wardha

The Damien Dutton Society for Leprosy Aid awarded him the Damien Dutton Award in 2005.

Remember that with all of the accolades, this is a man born in a Leprosy colony. He remains a humble man who started working with and for women and their equal rights long before it became a popular in vogue of social work; he began his programme by instigating weaving instruction for women cured of leprosy. He still visits leprosy colonies and sees patients and does dressings on ulcer for difficult cases.

(Demonstrating a ‘soft’ dressing for a visiting nurse Maggie Nolan OAM – Australia.)

The work of New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust can be seen

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